What an honor it is to serve an association that I so strongly believe in and have been a part of for years. On behalf of the Baltimore Chapter of the National Association for African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR), I would like to say welcome back to our members and supporters!

Since being appointed as the Chapter President in January 2020, the board and I have been on roller skates to ensure that we serve HR professionals in the Greater Baltimore area to the fullest extent. NAAAHR exists as a forum where Black and African American human resources practitioners and those who are aligned with our goals can share, gain information and provide leadership on issues affecting their individual careers and the global workforce.

I encourage you to join our local NAAAHR chapter and to get involved through monthly professional development, network and collaboration events, or our many community outreach opportunities. Wherever you see yourself, I am thrilled that we will take this journey together for the next 2 years and beyond. If you have questions or ideas, click here to schedule a time to speak with me directly or click here to learn more about me. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn.

My Very Best,

Hennither Bianca Gant
NAAAHR Greater Baltimore Chapter President